About Us

Our journey began with a love for the enchanting Hawaiian islands, a deep embrace of ‘Ohana’where family is everything, and an unwavering devotion to the island’s delectable cuisine.

We believe that living on an island fosters a unique connection with the earth and water, infusing life with a rhythm and vitality that’s unlike any other. It’s this vibrant energy that we’re eager to share with you—our Ohana, inviting you to savour not just our food, but this concept of family.

It’s a fusion that tantalizes all your senses: a taste of family, culture, and culinary delight that we hope will linger long after your meal with us. 

The spirit of Aloha lives here!

Welcome to Kahuna

Step into the vibrant world of Kahuna, a culinary fusion of our two beloved businesses, Kahuna Burger, celebrated for its mouthwatering Hawaiian burgers, and Aloha Bowls, a haven for Hawaiian poke and plate lunch enthusiasts.

Additionally, we delight in serving delectable desserts with a Hawaiian spin, including the crowd favourite dole whip, under the name Paradise Pies.

Here, your taste buds embark on a complete island-inspired journey!


The best poke bowl I’ve ever had, from people who are very proud of what they do. Fresh ingredients with culinary flair and fusion.


Iconic. Unforgettable. Life-changing burgers in an atmosphere that feels like a Hawaiian getaway. Remarkable attention to freshness. Masterful building of flavours in each dish, every bite is a delight.


Little did we know that we would never want to leave this place after trying the delicious masterpieces made with so much Aloha. Robert and Ajay welcomed us like family and the burgers were to die for! We had the Big Kahuna and Humumumu burger. So much flavour and so incredibly delicious! I am still smiling thinking about this amazing experience that became the highlight of our trip!